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100+ Questions You Must Ask When Developing A Website - Marketing Land

…created a list of questions (over 100!) that we use to determine the scope of any new web development project. By thinking through these answers early, scope creep is kept to a minimum and ensures that the client’s final product is exactly what they want. These questions allow us to: get a…

A Beginner's Guide on How To Use LinkedIn Ads

…channel that offers marketers great opportunity. For starters, it has considerable reach — +259 million members worldwide, with an estimated 100 million in the US. And, while some might dismiss its “smaller” audience, LinkedIn can actually help you achieve a very precise reach.…

Everything PPC Advertisers Want To Know About LinkedIn Ads – Part 2 - Marketing Land

…series, I shared questions and answers about targeting and creative on LinkedIn. Those questions came from the attendees at one of our recent LinkedIn educational events. After that event, we received feedback that there wasn’t enough time, and there were more unanswered questions. Today, I’m…

2 Questions that Give Marketers Statistical Significance in Their Company

…Bells & Tall Skinny Bells These questions can be easily answered by calculating the probability that our data is giving us an accurate conversion rate. When we graph this probability, we get what is called a bell curve. The odds of us getting a 0% or 100% conversion rate are basically zero, but…

How to ask survey questions of liars and pretenders - Marketing Land

…can put themselves into the shoes of our prospects. Ask questions that will keep you from getting lied to Here are just some of the user surveys you can run: The Question Test: Ask the participant to look at a design and answer questions about it. The Click Test: Set up a scenario for the visitor,…

7 Questions Agencies Never Want You To Ask In The Sales Process - Marketing Land

…of questions potential clients ask that I love to answer, like “What makes you guys great?” or “Can I talk to your references?” Some questions, however, can make me cringe. And it’s not always because they are unfair questions; there are some very reasonable questions