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3 strategies to survive the "Adblockalypse" - Marketing Land

…billion in global ad revenues was blocked in 2015, with an estimated $10.7 billion occurring in the US alone. The US blocking is expected to grow to $20.3 billion by 2016. Is the Adblockalypse coming? Is this the beginning of the end of advertising? Despite awareness of ad blocking rising through…

Social media in 2018: Time to grow up or get out - Marketing Land

ads and in many cases are not seeing them at all. Ad blocking. A few years ago, I predicted that ad blockers would never become a major threat because users were too lazy to download and install the software. I was wrong. Very wrong. It turns out that as consumers became more aware they could block

Marketing Day: February 6, 2012 - Marketing Land

…the web. From Marketing Land: The Social Bowl: Grading Super Bowl XLVI Ads By Social Comments & Engagement While you still may be arguing about last night’s best ad, a handful of sites have compiled their top ads based on social media analytics. New records were set this Super Bowl, with…

Marketing Day: AdWords 2017 roadmap, Facebook Instant Articles & more - Marketing Land

…Matt McGee In this week’s show, our crew explains what Apple said this week about ad targeting and autoplay blocking in Safari, the new HomePod device and more. Online Marketing News From Around The Web: Analytics Ad Blockers Can Affect Analytics Reporting, Practical Ecommerce Blogs & Blogging 4…

How To Use Twitter Cards To Get The Most Out Of Marketing On Twitter

…markup is blocked, no card will be shown. If an image URL is blocked, no thumbnail or photo will be shown.” Twitter uses the Twitterbot user-agent. For example, here is a robots.txt which disallows crawling for all robots except Twitter’s fetcher: You can, of course, also block only certain…