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Ad Fraud

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Ad fraud detection: A guide for marketers - Marketing Land

…the ads. Source: AdProfs, “The Beginner’s Guide To Digital Ad Fraud“ In this article, I highlight some techniques for detecting the warning signs of ad fraud, including pitfalls to avoid when it comes to dealing with ad fraud detection as a marketer. Warning signs of fraud Assuming…

Digital Video Advertising Becoming Next Frontier For Ad Fraud - Marketing Land

…where and how video ads are actually served. The lack of transparency can come about because an ad may be passed through a chain of ad exchanges. Ben Edelman, a Harvard Business School professor who tracks online ad fraud told the WSJ, “in one case, he estimates, the ads had gone through nine…

How to protect yourself against ad fraud - Marketing Land

…way in our examination of online ad fraud. So far, we have learned: what ad fraud looks like, why it exists and who should be responsible for stopping it. Today, we are going to learn about the practical matter of protecting yourself, as a marketer, against ad fraud. In a perfect world, fraudulent…

The Many Faces Of Programmatic Ad Fraud - Marketing Land

…defining ad fraud. One of the biggest mistakes I see is the blanket definition of ad fraud as non-human (i.e., bot) traffic. While that is certainly a characteristic of some forms of ad fraud, to make it a criterion for defining fraud is to miss the bigger picture: A significant percentage of fraud

Study: In-app Ad Fraud Could Near $1 Billion Globally In 2015 - Marketing Land

Ad fraud has come to mobile apps in a big way, according to a new study on “mobile device hijacking” by ad fraud detection firm Forensiq. Forensiq says its fraud detection platform identified more than 5,000 mobile applications committing ad fraud while monitoring for irregular…

Fight ad fraud through innovation... just like the ancient Greeks - Marketing Land

…horse to fight ad fraud A need exists for a solution that can tackle our industry’s ad fraud problem in a different, entirely new way — just like the Greeks’ innovative Trojan horse. The fight against ad fraud need not begin with traditional ad blockers, fraud detection/prevention…

Recognizing the subtle signs that point to possible ad fraud - Marketing Land

…creating fraud where ad buyers are willing to pay a higher premium for viewable impressions. The takeaway here is that advertisers looking to simply optimize for viewability without fraud filters will be at a high risk for fraud. Another data point that jumps off the page is that high-fraud ad

How to fight against online ad fraud (in 6 steps) - Marketing Land

…digital suffer anywhere near the estimated $7.2 billion figure lost to ad fraud in 2016, nor can we let fake news sites and terror organizations feed off our industry any longer. Our agency’s system for fighting ad misplacement isn’t perfect; perfection isn’t possible when the landscape…