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Tappx offers free hosting for app developers' app-ads.txt files - Marketing Land

…who don’t have a website to host app-ads.txt files. The company has set up a domain, app-ads-txt.com, to host mobile developers’ app-ads.txt files for free.Why we should careA key hurdle for many mobile apps to adopt app-ads.txt is the lack of a website to host the files.Developed…

Centro's DSP enforces app-ads.txt to target authorized ad inventory - Marketing Land

…Centro announced Tuesday that it will be enforcing app-ads.txt in its DSP, Basis. As part of an industry-wide effort to mitigate fraudulent ad selling, Basis will now default to targeting app ads from authorized and validated sellers.The app-ads.txt specification, launched earlier this year by the…

IAB Tech Lab issues revised ads.txt for apps - Marketing Land

…As with website publishers, the app-ads.txt file lists the names and identification codes for all of the authorized sellers of that app’s available ad inventory. The idea is that advertisers will only bid on ad slots from authorized sellers listed in the app-ads.txt file. The June version offered…