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Artificial Intelligence

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How To Create Hands-Off Display Campaigns That Deliver Results - Marketing Land

…time not only delivers stronger results, but does so more quickly and with fewer wasted dollars than campaigns that lack the help of artificial intelligence (AI). What Advertisers Need To Know About AI Most of the numbers around digital advertising are going in one direction: up. Analysts expect…

Why 2016 is NOT the year of conversion optimization - Marketing Land

…improving results. In the near future, I think that machine learning algorithms are going to be available for businesses of all sizes. AI (artificial intelligence) testing will replace A/B testing — so says Sentient’s Jonathan Epstein. These personalization systems will be able to predict…

Why B2B needs artificial intelligence - Marketing Land

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more than a stylish trend. It goes beyond rules, providing the ability to understand content or language, find patterns that can be applied to the future, digest all kinds of information and make reasoned decisions. One by one, B2B vendors are rolling out their AI…

Inside the making of Taco Bell's artificially intelligent TacoBot

…platforms like Slack, WeChat and most recently, Facebook Messenger have put out the welcome mat for our eventual overlords — artificially intelligent computer programs that can hold a conversation and carry out tasks. Taco Bell’s TacoBot fits that bill. It can take down your customized…

The hype and reality of artificial intelligence [Podcast] - Marketing Land

…of artificial intelligence and its role in digital marketing today and tomorrow. The conversation covers questions including: What is artificial intelligence capable of today? How are marketers currently using AI, and how might it expand in the future? Are we at a tipping point for artificial

How researching B2B influencers can deliver actionable intelligence - Marketing Land

…influencers. It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence and blockchain are the number one drivers, considering that our algorithm initially surfaced influencers who talk specifically about and cover both of these topics. What surprised me was how little Threat Intelligence, Security Analytics and…