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Report: Mobile Video Ads 5X More Engaging Than Standard Banners - Marketing Land

Engagement on video was 5x that of standard banners on average, according to a new study from Millennial Media. Advertisers in the technology and business services vertical saw 822 percent higher engagement from mobile video ads, and retail campaigns topped 628 percent higher engagement. Adoption of…

Pump up the power of your display ads - Marketing Land

…as recommended content on a web page. Readers might see (and overlook) banner ads, but they are more apt to read native ads because they are part of the content experience.In a study comparing native formats to traditional banner ads, researchers from IPG and Sharethrough found that:Consumers viewed…

SEE: The Giant Banner Ads Google Is Showing For Major Brands - Marketing Land

New banner ad format, showing to some people in a search for Virgin America As we covered last week, there are now giant banner ads being tested in Google’s search results for branded searches, signaling a big shift for the search giant. Not everyone sees them, however. For those missing out,…

Google Calls It Quits On Brand Banner Ad Test In Search Results - Marketing Land

…but its possible the click-through rates on the banners were lower than desired. Additionally, when the branded banners displayed, no other AdWords ads appeared on the page. The test marked a first for Google, not only in the introduction of banners in the search results, but in presenting ads that…

Giant Banner Ads Being Tested In Google's Search Results - Marketing Land

…for www.southwest.com, the traditional organic listings actually seem to appear in about the same spot on the page as they do when the giant ad is displayed in the test screenshot. It’s the competing AdWords ads that lose out to the branded ad banner. More Brand Banner Ads Found In The Wild

That YouTube "Experiment" Red Banner Was Just A Display Bug - Marketing Land

…red banner at the top of the search results that said they were part of an “experiment.” What the experiment was and what YouTube was testing were unclear. Truth is it seems like there was no experiment, that the banner was a display bug with YouTube’s search interface. The banner

LinkedIn starts officially auctioning off its desktop banner ads - Marketing Land

…be easier for brands to buy those banners and more cost-effective for the social network to sell them. LinkedIn had started selling its traditional banner inventory — the majority of which is right-rail ads mixed with some horizontal “leaderboard” banners — through real-time bidding…

Why Learnings From The ‘90s Banner Ad Still Apply Today - Marketing Land

…right now. However, if a headline includes the word “banner,” it’s typically adjacent to something along the lines of “dead, death or dying.” No one pays attention to display advertising — the euphemism we use to make the banner ad more appealing. It’s considered a cheap, unremarkable…