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Rotating Banners: Why Image Sliders Kill Conversions - Marketing Land

…see it when it was placed in a big, promotional-looking banner. They would scroll right past the moving banner and search every other place on the page trying to locate the exact piece of information. So, while the movement of the banner may attract the attention of the subconscious, the conscious…

Interactive ads: flash banners, widgets, video, mobile and captcha

…interactive Flash ads were fairly fresh. Do you remember those “shoot the duck” leaderboard banner ads that, for a time, converted no matter what the message? Not only did those Flash banners integrate movement but they gave you the ability to interact when you put your mouse over the…

Google introduces TrueView for Action ads on YouTube - Marketing Land

…ads on Wednesday: TrueView for action.With TrueView for action, advertisers can display a call-to-action banner at the base of the video during and at the end of the video. The branded banner can be tailored to a specific action goal such as “Book now,” “Get a quote” or…

Here's What The Ads Looked Like On The Super Bowl Live Stream - Marketing Land

banner at the bottom of the screen. Advertisers rotated in and out of the banner throughout the entire game, not just when their ads appeared. This is where advertisers could offer a call-to-action wit the option of letting viewers could click on during the game. Avocados From Mexico held the banner