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Instagram Is Still Trouncing Twitter In Brand Engagement - Marketing Land

…Instagram post for a major brand has a per fan engagement rate of 3.31% (counting likes and comments), whereas the top brands on Twitter are seeing a Twitter engagement rate of 0.07% per tweet, counting retweets, replies and favorites. During the three month span, brands on the lists averaged 38…

Do brand politics impact consumer purchases? It's complicated - Marketing Land

…that brand affinity and party identification are definitely connected. He also told me that some brands are more polarizing than others and may see a larger effect accordingly. Brands such as Allstate Insurance, Capital One, Panera, JetBlue, KitchenAid and the NBA were “blue brands.”

The Cost Of Keeping A Brand Advocate Onboard And Engaged - Marketing Land

…email campaign and incentives that will motivate advocates to stay engaged? Keeping Brand Advocates On Board Long-term brand advocacy is an elusive goal for a lot of brands. It’s difficult enough to bring committed brand advocates into the fold. But keeping them in the fold presents an entirely new…

Report: 6 Months In, Google+ Brand Pages Show Continued Growth - Marketing Land

…resonates the most. To no surprise, brands are seeing the most engagement during the week (most likely due to the fact that they post 4x more during the week.) Wednesday not only sees the most brand posts, but engagement as well: What type of content works for brands? The answer isn’t subtle:…

Report: Instagram Now Getting More Brand Posts Than Facebook - Marketing Land

…options but most brand activity is organic, and user feeds, although growing more competitive, are still unfettered by algorithm, meaning that, at least in theory, consumers who follow a brand will see all of that brand’s posts. The L2 report found that the 250 brands it tracked posted…

Why you'll benefit from fully funding your core brand terms on Amazon - Marketing Land

…protecting your brand space, monitor average CPCs on core brand terms. Confirm that your bids are competitive, and consider leveraging Bid+ for additional assurance. 2. Control brand presence and messagingBidding on core brand terms gives advertisers greater control of both brand presence and…

IAB names direct-to-consumer brand to board seat for first time - Marketing Land

…a brand voice on its board that after working them on the study.The organization presented the findings and unveiled its IAB 250 Direct Brands to Watch list at its leadership meeting in Phoenix.“The digital media and marketing industries are now in the business of brand creation, brand sales,…