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Keep it simple: 10 digital brand metrics that matter - Marketing Land

…can name the brand that’s sponsoring the unbranded visual representation of the ad. It seems so simple, but it is also incredible how often this fails to happen. According to the Ipsos (my employer) database, “Half of all TV ads fail to achieve objectives due to weak branding,” i.e., people…

When Brand Names Are Destroyed By Damaging Doppelgangers - Marketing Land

…having a damaging doppelganger brand name emerge. Tips: Avoiding Or Responding To A Negative Doppelganger Brand • Choose a highly unique brand name. This ship may already have sailed for you, but you might still want to proactively assess how vulnerable your existing brand name is if you’ve already…

Beer Brand Lets People Attach Video Messages To Their Bottles - Marketing Land

…argued over the usefulness (or not) of QR codes, this debate has not stopped brands from implementing the technology wherever and whenever they can. Working with Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentinian beer brand Andes has come up with an ingenious little QR code-fueled mobile video stunt…

How Spirit Airlines Embraced Brand Hatred And Won - Marketing Land

Spirit Airlines is a brand people love to hate. Perhaps you’ve seen one of the many tweets trashing the brand for charging fees for just about everything. Many brands offer up bland, apologetic statements when they run afoul of people’s expectations. But not Spirit Airlines. Spirit…