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New Twitter features can boost brand engagement - Marketing Land

…learning curve. Making Twitter way easier for new users to understand will ultimately be a win for the brands that choose to play there. There are a few things that I’m encouraging the brands we manage to keep in mind — and that you should keep in mind for your organization — when…

Build Brand Authenticity Using Customer Generated Content - Marketing Land

…and capture the final sale?Join our experts as we explore how brands can better leverage customer generated content to deliver the word-of-mouth, personalized messaging that inspires people to buy. Register today for “Build Brand Authenticity Using Customer Generated Content,” produced…

Here's why truth in brand storytelling matters - Marketing Land

…and critics have noted, there’s more to being a sustainable brand than adding a recycling symbol to your packaging. We’ve noticed two brands that go beyond greenwashing — with very different approaches.In April 2019, Everlane, a clothing brand known for its approach of “radical transparency,” teamed…

4 steps to becoming an experience brand - Marketing Land

brand has been painted as more difficult than it is. The answers and truth are right in front of us. Your consumers have those answers, you just need to ask – and pay attention.In working with more than 30 brands on their experience strategies, I’ve found four critical steps to helping brands

The Frustrations Of Brand Marketing On LinkedIn - Marketing Land

…due to a bug. Frustrations Of Operating As A Brand & Publisher On LinkedIn Many brands focus on areas where they can share their content — most have company pages, and many others have groups as well. The way we post to LinkedIn as a brand is a manual process; we manually publish to our…

CMOs, invigorate your brand and your career - Marketing Land

…that wasn’t possible before. Brands like Netflix and Amazon are already employing AI as part of their recommendations. Digital assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana are helping answer questions in the home, and chatbots have become popular with brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Sephora…

A CMO's View: How To Build A New Brand - Marketing Land

…passion for branding. “Our branding is our company culture. We are all driven by the same principle at BorrowersFirst — putting the borrower first,” says Holt. Holt is not the only one who takes BorrowersFirst’s branding seriously; her company has formed a brand council made…