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Burger King's 64 YouTube Ads Turn Pre-Roll On Its Head With A Laugh - Marketing Land

…reaching target audiences at scale. The young males Burger King wants to reach, however, hate those ads. So, Colenso BBDO and Burger King chose to make 64 highly customized ads written for each type of video favored by the young male demo Burger King wants to reach — comedy, sports, music…

"RIP McDonalds" - Burger King Tweets Its Offline Prank - Marketing Land

Burger King was quick on its feed today, tweeting a picture from one of its restaurants that had crafted a well-timed sympathy to the fast food chain’s biggest competitor. Originally tweeted by @played_well, the Burger King photo shows a torn down McDonald’s restaurant, with only the…

Burger King Whopper-splains net neutrality’s repeal in new ad - Marketing Land

…repeal of net neutrality is an important issue is like trying to force-feed brussels sprouts to a toddler. So Burger King has opted to wrap the matter into a Whopper. On Wednesday, Burger King debuted a new ad that aims to educate people about net neutrality by translating it into terms anyone can…