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How to choose the right customer data platform - Marketing Land

…Platforms can help. A CDP delivers the next tier of customer understanding by connecting data from various channels and silos within your organization and unearthing rich, holistic profiles built to power your customer experience. Use this guide from Lytics to discover what a CDP is and whether…

MarTech Landscape: What is a Customer Data Platform? - Marketing Land

(CDP). In this article, part of our MarTech Landscape Series, we look at this newly named marketing component. Raab told me he had noticed various marketing systems were disconnected from each other, in that they offered incomplete data or did not organize it effectively for marketing purposes. CDP

Is there a place for CRMs in a CDP world? - Marketing Land

…CRMs, CDP Institute founder David Raab has told me, were born as tools to replace sales agents’ Roladexes and contact cards and to assist contact center agents — not as the keepers of master identity profiles that are used across an organization’s many tools and channels. “Look at [CDP] as an…

CDP Optimove adds ability to test campaign strategies - Marketing Land

…beyond storing a brand’s golden master of customer info, Optimove has added what might be called an incrementality engine.The New York City-based CDP already offers an orchestration layer that triggers campaign implementation, interacting with email service providers, ad platforms and other tools…

Oracle launches a ‘CDP-plus’ for its clouds - Marketing Land

…unified set of customer B2C profiles that reaches across the profiles maintained by each cloud. However, Salesforce insisted to me that 360 is not a CDP, but a way to bring customer data together into a single virtual profile. CX Unity is Oracle’s latest effort to unify the data and tools around its…