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Everything You Need to Know About The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation - Marketing Land

consent, prior business relationships before July 1, 2014 have three years to re-permission their database (July 1, 2017), or until the subscriber asks to be removed. Express consent given after July 1, 2014 has a 24-month shelf life before express consent is required again. What If No Consent Was…

EU: Device Fingerprinting Should Be Regulated Like Cookies - MarTech Today

…good on a smartphone, for example — does not require consent, the Working Party states that device fingerprinting for targeting ads is covered by the group’s Cookie Consent Exemption opinion and does require user consent. A spokesperson from the Information commissioners’ office…

New TCPA Guidelines: What Do They Mean For Mobile Marketing? - Marketing Land

…If consent obtained prior to the amendment is invalid, this means that every subscriber on our lists must reaffirm their consent or be excluded from future messaging campaigns until consent is given. If consent obtained prior to the amendment is valid, we will simply need to include the new consent

The Shoe Drops As Canada Starts Enforcing New Anti-Spam Law - Marketing Land

…trail in case of a challenge. 2. Express Consent An express consent received before CASL went into effect is valid. Anyone who asked for express consent after July 1, 2014 or asks in the future will have to meet CASL’s new requirements, but consents received before that date that met prior privacy…