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11 Content Marketing Knows - Marketing Land

…bogged down in the details and the process that it stops us from actually doing anything. Neither of these is an optimal path for a successful content marketing roadmap. Something that takes so much time and effort to accomplish needs more consideration, or all that time and effort will be wasted.…

The Difference Between Content And Content Marketing - Marketing Land

…Line Between Content And Content Marketing Having recently taken up the mantle of VP of content marketing at a large, global organization, the blurry area between “content” and “content marketing” became immediately apparent. Are product demo videos content — or content

Content Marketing: What Kind of Content? - Marketing Land

Sure, content marketing means developing content around your business, your products and your services. But content isn’t supposed to exist in a you-oriented void. Content is targeted externally; at customers, prospects, buyers, brand advocates, bloggers, the media, people participating in social…

Content Attribution: Identifying content that converts - Marketing Land

…baseline content KPIs and aligning to audience. identifying the value of your content to better inform your team. understanding what a successful content path looks like. discovering the value of always-on content vs. campaign content. Register today for Content Attribution: Identifying content that…

Organizing For Content - Marketing Land

content sit in your company’s marketing org chart? • Do you have a dedicated content staff? How many? Titles? Level of seniority? • What content are you/your group responsible for creating? • What target audience(s) or product group(s) does your team’s content serve? Content Process • How is content

Content marketing’s echo chamber - Marketing Land

…this, odds are you work in content marketing. You either create content on behalf of clients or develop content in-house. You present content marketing best practices, set strategy and help colleagues or customers become better content marketers. Why should content marketers care about the demise…

Developing Your Content Editorial Calendar for 2013

…this content live? What social networks will be this content be shared on? Be sure the content distribution channels match where the target audience hangs out online for maximum content exposure. Promotion: What promotional efforts will take place to distribute this content piece? Will this content

Content Marketing on a Limited Budget

…editing or promoting content. How can you make the most of your budget and time? Budget By Content Medium First, you will need to plan ahead (as much as a year) to determine what media you want to use for your various content marketing projects. Often times, the content medium will dictate how…

13 Content Marketing Lessons from Your Mother

…makes my job harder.” The lesson for content marketers: When your brand’s content has an inconsistent tone, you’re making things harder for your readers. In fact, regular readers should be able to recognize your brand’s content based on its unique, consistent tone. For…

Conducting Data-Driven Content Marketing - Marketing Land

…prefers visual content to written content. Other information to take into account when analyzing social data is who is digesting specific content. Are the people who are sharing content people who are likely to become customers, or are they just people who thought the content was interesting…

B2B Content Marketers: Market Your Content But Focus On Value - Marketing Land

…Face With Content It seems the problem is clear: marketers aren’t creating content that resonates. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s latest research on B2B content marketing, the number-one challenge marketers cite today when it comes to content is creating engaging content. So in…