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Beyond AdWords: Demand Side Platforms Explained

Having worked at a self-serve demand side platform (DSP) for over 2 years, one of the most common questions I get when trying to explain the concept of a DSP to others is: “Isn’t that kind of like AdWords?” Even amongst experienced marketers, most only have a vague idea of how DSPs…

What CMOs Need To Know About Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)

…the role of one of them — the Demand Side Platform or DSP — to help CMOs make critical decisions about their strategies. A DSP’s place in the tech landscape is to respond on behalf of advertisers to bid requests from Supply Side Platforms. Here’s how it works. A publisher…

Demand Side Platforms: Making The Most Out Of Your Big Data In Display

…central to marketers’ needs. With all of this big data pouring in, a question remains, how do I make the most of big data? Today many demand side platforms (DSPs) are working with brands of all sizes to redefine what is possible when integrating big data across marketing channels. The net result…

Is your demand-side platform real or fake?

…should demand transparency from their partners. Transparency is an unstoppable force because it roots out inefficiency. And companies that operate in ways that lack transparency, whether in their business model or product, are on the wrong side of history. Take, for example, demand-side platform

What is a demand-side platform (DSP)? - Martech Landscape

…Land’s MarTech Landscape Series, we explain what DSPs are and why ad buyers use them. What do demand-side platforms do? DSPs are the flip side of supply-side platforms, which are software platforms used by publishers to manage the sale of their digital advertising inventory on ad exchanges. Whereas…

RevJet Launches Its Creative Side Platform So Ads Can Fight For Their Survival

…launching a new creative platform that automatically tests ad variations. By winnowing out the winners, the company says it can dramatically boost response rates. Called the Creative Side Platform or CSP (yes, more ad tech initials!), the new product is the “first platform to enable continuous [ad]…

Why every digital advertiser should demand transparency

…tech platform or agency provides such information. Where possible, you should seek access to this data, at the very least for planning purposes. 2. Targeting data Using targeting data from third parties is a common tactic when using a programmatic buying platform like a DSP (demand-side platform).

Holy Consumer: Keeping Demand in Check

…the clear success of consumer brands like Apple that supposedly did not? Where Consumer Demand Starts And Stops It is doubtless that our current media environment — its rich channels, varied platforms, levels of utility, media mechanics, content variations — has been propelled forward…

What is a supply-side platform (SSP)? - Martech Landscape

…supply-side platform, publishers can open up their advertising inventory for bidding to many ad buyers on various ad exchanges, ad networks and demand-side platforms. The idea is that by putting available ad impressions in an auction that can attract a large number of buyers, the increased demand

Your programmatic platform has an expiration date

…connected devices and attribute them to the same owner. While many DSPs (demand side platforms) can identify devices on a user level, as desktop-based platforms, they can’t always take action on the information. A platform that has identity at the core of its optimization, bidding and…

The insider’s guide to choosing a programmatic buying platform

…you’re planning on cobbling together a bunch of them because you want to access many different inventory sources, a customizable platform (usually a Demand Side Platform like DBM) is probably the way to go. Some things that seem minor, like getting used to where everything is in the user interface,…