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Oops! Email Mistakes Happen - Marketing Land

…can be fixed after an email has been deployed. The most obvious is an image. Have a graphic with spelling error? Simply replace the image on the server with a corrected version that has the same filename. Anyone who opens the email (even if he/she already opened the email in the past) will see the…

Tracking Offline Email Conversions

…correctly, email marketing drives a significant amount of traffic and revenue in the online and in-store worlds. In just the last six months the industry has seen an 80% increase in the number of emails being opened on mobile devices. With this rapid increase in mobile consumption of emails, email

Email Is The New Email - Marketing Land

…about. Is Your Email Marketing “Team” One Person? Don’t let the possibilities overwhelm you. For companies with limited resources and understanding of email marketing best practices, advanced email marketing tactics may seem daunting. Oftentimes, the dedicated email marketing…

Gmail Ads: Email marketing without the emails - Marketing Land

…Ads and in my opinion are its strongest selling point. You can target ads based on the domain of emails that a user has received: domains of your competitors, your own domain (to target current email subscribers) or domains based on a certain persona in which you’re interested. Also, you can use…

Email Marketing Equals Dollar Signs

…competing for budget. As you prepare, use the following email revenue metrics to help prove your case. Campaign Revenue How much money did you generate on your e-commerce site from a particular email send? Knowing this requires that your emails are appropriately tagged for your online analytics tool…

The Most Overlooked Email Marketing Strategy: Segmentation

…from marketers looking for advice on their email campaigns. How can we run better campaigns? How can we improve opens and clicks? Should we use HTML templates or plain text? How often should we email? …and so on. Time and again, I’ve noticed that email marketers rarely focus on the one thing…

Hiring The Email Designer - Marketing Land

email code is a finicky beast, and a bleeding-edge dev may be frustrated by email’s relative frumpiness. Make sure you have someone excited by the experimentation of iteration that defines one of email’s key strengths. User Experience History Or Interest It’s not traditional website UX, but email

Four Responsive Email Layouts - Marketing Land

…Amazon email I shared last time and take a closer look at how the layout responds. This particular email transitions from 750px to 320px and it’s a great example for wireframing a responsive email layout. First, begin to think in rectangular content blocks. Go back through responsive emails you’ve…

10 Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Email

…single email campaigns! Update the navigation in all of your emails for the season to include a form of gift guide shopping. Then, when the subscriber is ready to buy, these options are readily available no matter which campaign they open. In this example from J&R, a section of the email is…

How To Design Dynamic Email Messages

Dynamic email, also known as data-driven email, has been around for a long time, but planning this type of complex messaging is still a daunting task to many designers and marketers. It’s not so different from the usual design challenge, though: we have a set of assets, rules and restrictions to…

Infographic: Email Isn't Dead - Marketing Land

…the email versus social accounts stats, which lead to this SmarterTools post and infographic called The Value Of Email: In turn, that led us to the Email & Webmail Statistics page at Email Marketing Reports, a handy resource to bookmark. Also be sure to check out some posts below from our Email

Mythbusting: Video In Email - Marketing Land

…in email a technique worth exploring. So, if video in email is potentially so effective, then why haven’t more brands been using it? Well, up until fairly recently delivering video directly to the inbox posed a few problems. Big problems, in fact. So much so that I bet if you’ve been in the email