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Report: Second big EU antitrust fine against Google coming next week - Marketing Land

Google also faced a similar though less costly rebuke in Russia over the same issue.While nothing is certain until formal announcements are made, if Google is compelled to discontinue app pre-installation rules, it remains to be seen how the company and its services will be impacted. My guess would…

Google Plus Is Small, But Still Not Dead Yet - Marketing Land

…login), Google can track all of their online behavior. That builds Google’s bottom line, as it can better target ads for those people. • Value of Business Data. Through Google+, Google also incentivized businesses to create and verify profiles. Through its Google+ My Business program, Google is able…

Survey: Nearly 80% Trust Google As Much Or More Than A Year Ago - Marketing Land

…The survey? My own, using Google’s new Google Consumer Surveys service. While I have some issues with the service (see Is Google Letting Anyone Do “Scientific” Surveys A Good Thing?), it seemed perfect to test how people perceive Google. At the very least, I knew Google would have…

Google Sues State Attorney General Who Allegedly Conspired With MPAA - Marketing Land

…controversial 79-page subpoena to Google in October as a follow-up to a stern letter last year; a New York Times report demonstrates that the letter was drafted by the MPAA’s law firm and delivered largely unedited to Google. To be clear though: Google may be the target today, but the real…

Google Display ads have evolved: What's next for display? - Marketing Land

…parts of my job – and I’m excited by other great ideas the team has been working on.One new ad format we’re exploring is Conversational Display Ads, running in a limited Beta via Display & Video 360 on Google Marketing Platform. Announced just this past October by Area 120 (Google’s