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Google Promotes Talkbin With 80% Price Cut For Small Biz Owners - Marketing Land

…Local University workshop in New York state, my jaw about hit the ground when Google’s representative introduced Talkbin in her presentation to the 100 or so small business owners in the room. It was the first time that I’d seen or heard Google promoting the mobile messaging service that…

New location extension ad format now live on Google Display Network - Marketing Land

Google is bringing information about local advertisers to a new display ad format on the Google Display Network. The new location extension ads rolled out in AdWords on Tuesday. The ads may include photos, store location and business hours, as shown in the example below. The ad for a local bakery…

Google's Horowitz: Facebook Is A Social Network Of The Past - Marketing Land

…with my favorite mustard. That is the wrong moment to try to dangle a sandwich in front of me.” Horowitz joked about Google+ usage when only a small percentage of the audience raised their hands to say they’d used the service recently, but he also hinted that Google’s next…

Will Google Latitude Succeed As A Loyalty Platform? - Marketing Land

Google will need to provide guidance to enable local businesses to use these tools and capabilities effectively. One significant and relatively obvious challenge is that Google has now got a dizzying array of local products and apps: Latitude, Maps, Places, Offers/Shopper and Google+ (for business

Recent Bans Surface AdSense Publishers' Complaints About Google - Marketing Land

…if someone reached out and investigated. Google still is arrogant in this matter. If smaller businesses treated their customers/business partners that way, they would be out of business quickly.” Multiple others weighed in, both on the Google+ thread and on Poskanzer’s site comments,…

Live Blog: Google's Vic Gundotra At SMX Social Media Marketing - Marketing Land

…by my boss. I tweeted about two other companies, and didn’t expect that my tweet would be interepreted the way it was. So I’ve curtailed my usage since then. Plus, I’ve been really busy with Google+. DS: Do you at least check out the other social networks? VG: It’s part of my

Eddystone Beacon Explainer: An Interview With Google's Chandu Thota - Marketing Land

…equally support iOS devices. In order to better understand how Eddystone works and Google’s perspective on its benefits and applications, I conducted an email interview of Google Engineering Director Chandu Thota. My questions are in bold, and Thota’s answers follow. What makes Eddystone…