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Why Content Strategy Is Foundational To Real-Time Marketing - Marketing Land

HBO aced the evening (mostly on Twitter) with responses to the awards, winners, and show itself that were immediate, timely, on-message and on-brand. ICYMI, @GameOfThrones has 16 nominations — the most for any drama series at this year’s #Emmys. http://t.co/o5hw9ixGCw — HBO (@HBO)

mParticle announces single SDK for OTT streaming TV apps on Roku - Marketing Land

…box attached to a TV and connected wirelessly to the Internet allows viewers to watch streaming TV via individual apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Sony’s Cackle and other non-cable programming services that are on the web. Before this announcement, mParticle CEO and co-founder Michael Katz…

What is OTT programming & why does it matter? - MarTech Landscape

…the consumer accepts some they don’t want to get the ones they do. Nowadays, if you wanted just HBO and not ESPN, you could subscribe to the OTT standalone version of that premium channel, HBO NOW on the Web. This means that marketers have several choices if they want to reach, say, the viewers…

VR is coming to the Google Play store this fall with Daydream - Marketing Land

…version of the Google Play Store will feature VR-enabled content, including games from EA, Ubisoft and NetEase, as well as streaming video from HBO Now, CNN, Netflix, MLB.com and more. Bavor also noted that YouTube has been built from the ground up for virtual reality to easily watch standard…