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Header Bidding

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Header bidding: What marketers need to know - Marketing Land

…to bid more for it. How to access the header bidding auction As a marketer, the first step to buying ad inventory from header auctions is to use a demand-side platform (DSP). Once you have a DSP to execute your campaigns, the next step is to find publishers that support header bidding. Let’s…

Facebook Audience Network opens inventory to in-app header bidding - Marketing Land

…mobile web header bidding. As of Wednesday, publishers that manage programmatic in-house or through a select set of partners can include Audience Network inventory in their auctions. Facebook has partnered with Fyber, MAX and Twitter’s MoPub initially. In-app bidding accepts bids from multiple…

AOL launches SDK-based header bidding for mobile apps - Marketing Land

header bidding has mostly focused on providing publishers of websites with a way to conduct a unified auction for buyers of their space. This week, AOL is announcing a beta launch of a header bidding solution for native apps. The company says that, to its knowledge, this is the first header bidding

What Is Header Bidding -- And Why Should Publishers Care?

…are called. Bidding is essentially simultaneous, instead of sequential, and focuses on all available impressions, not just the ones available after direct sales. If they want, publishers can also allow the winning bid to compete with the prices available from the direct-sold ads. This header bidding

Surprise: Only 12% of top websites are using header bidding - Marketing Land

…that the open source Prebid.js is not the leading solution among those sites. Header bidding places some code in a website’s page header to offer site inventory to advertising bidders at the same time. The winning bid then competes with the site’s own direct-sold ads, with the aim of getting the…

How programmatic and header bidding will disrupt all media in 2017 - Marketing Land

…significant revenue opportunities by not giving the programmatic ecosystem an opportunity to bid on the impression before the ad-server decided if the in-house advertiser should get the impression. Header bidding lets the internal and external advertisers fight over the same impression using big…

At IAB’s Ad Ops Conference, Ad Blocking & Header Bidding Rule - Marketing Land

…of possible latency issues with header bidding, since more delays in loading a page just incentivizes web users to get ad blockers. And, he announced, Google is now conducting a beta test inside DoubleClick for Publishers for a “first look” process, which will take bids from high-value buyers before…

Ad Exchange bRealTime Launches Biddr+ for Header Bidding - MarTech Today

…a header bidding service called Biddr+ to help manage multiple ad buyers. Header bidding is a way for websites to directly take bids from a number of advertisers simultaneously, without having to offer it first to one buyer and then, if no sale is made, to another. Such “waterfall” bidding can…