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Google Announces Google+ Events With Google Calendar Integration - Marketing Land

…and is in fact true. If a user responds ‘yes’ to an event, it will automatically show up in their calendar. If the Google calendar integration is the best feature of Google+ Events, a “themeing” ability has to be second place. Users will be able to set a specific theme for…

Google pushes AMP Ads adoption, announces Celtra & Moat integrations - Marketing Land

…will be able to support video ad content easily without having to partner with a third party. AMP pre-roll videos do not autoplay. The Moat integration with AMP ads using the AMP analytics framework to provide viewability and audience verification analytics for AMP ads. AMP ads are supported…

Schmidt: Google+ Not Favored, Happy To Talk Twitter & Facebook Integration - Marketing Land

…Facebook: If You’re So Smart, Work It Out! And background on today’s news: Google’s Results Get More Personal With “Search Plus Your World” Twitter: Google+ Integration In Google Search Is “Bad” For Everyone Search Engines Should Be Like Santa From “Miracle On 34th Street” Postscript: See also

Apple Formally Introduces In-Car iOS Integration: CarPlay - Marketing Land

…controller of the overall CarPlay experience, although touch-screens are also part of CarPlay: Once iPhone is connected to a vehicle with CarPlay integration, Siri helps you easily access your contacts, make calls, return missed calls or listen to voicemails. When incoming messages or notifications…

5 Steps To An Integrated Approach To SEO-Friendly Content Marketing - Marketing Land

…traffic for many marketers, streamlining the content creation process while optimizing for search is a business necessity. In other words, the content must be optimized for the user as well as the search engines before it is even published. The Integrated Approach To SEO The integration of search…