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For many marketers, platform integration is a 'must have' for new tools - Marketing Land

Marketers have many criteria for software tool selection, and the marketers of those tools have many angles to pitch. But one factor turns out to be a necessary first hurdle for many business tool customers: Is it integrated with [my favorite platform]? ‘Everything in one spot.’ That is, many firms…

Apple Integrates Facebook Into iOS6 - Marketing Land

…more easily integrate Facebook into their apps. Apple has been hinting in recent months that it would integrate iOS with Facebook in much the same way that it integrated Twitter last fall. Apple said today, in fact, that there have been 10 billion tweets from that iOS5 integration. Apple also…

Confirm the integrity of your data - Marketing Land

…the past decade, and there are myriad options from which marketers can choose. Recent research conducted by Forrester suggests that leading marketers are adopting the newest and most advanced approach: Unified Measurement or Total Marketing Measurement models. This analysis combines the attributes…