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It's Post-Holiday Return

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It's post-holiday return season: How marketers can make the best of it - Marketing Land

…generous return policies. Many consumers knowingly purchase more than they intend to keep with the understanding retailers like Amazon and others have set the bar high for return policies and have even turned it into a loyalty building experience in the case of Amazon Prime and Amazon Local return

For online retailers, second time’s the charm - Marketing Land

…the year. The idea isn’t just to make a sale today. It’s to build a base of loyal customers who will return tomorrow. Given the enormous holiday cookie pool available to online retailers, it’s amazing that so many of them fail to capitalize on it. Granted, converting first-timers into loyals isn’t…

The Essential 2015 Holiday Checklist For Online Retailers - Marketing Land

…many gift recipients will never make it to your site. But it is absolutely possible to turn seasonal shoppers into year-round revenue. For gift recipients, consider including post-holiday marketing offers with every shipment and highlighting your no-hassle return policy through the winter. For gift…