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Why your brand should obsess over its customers, not its competitors - Marketing Land

Yes, this is another Amazon story. But this one isn’t about its latest acquisition, innovation or market share growth. It’s a story about what gave Amazon headliner status in the first place, something too often overlooked by companies scrambling to compete in its wake: customer obsession. Twenty…

3 ways CMOs can win the hearts of customers - and CEOs - Marketing Land

This year, at least 30 percent of CEOs will fire their CMOs for not having the right skill set to successfully lead digital transformation. Now, that’s harsh. But let’s face it, digital has rocked our world. Technology has not only changed the buying power of consumers; it’s changed what they want,…

3 retail strategies to beat Amazon this holiday season - Marketing Land

It’s that time again. Time for retailers to rally their troops for the end-of-year holiday shopping season, getting strategies and technologies locked in for the critical period that will drive nearly 20 percent of annual retail industry sales. What should retailers plan in 2016? Forecasts so far…