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Here's what email marketers can learn from Morning Brew's expansion - Marketing Land

Morning Brew now counts above 1 million subscribers? Of course not, but Lieberman and Rief believe their creation is relatable enough to the entire universe of Morning Brew readers that its entire content strategy is tied to speaking that person’s language.One voice to rule themThis week, Morning

Get To Know: FOX Head Of Corporate Marketing Dan Robbins - Marketing Land

…PRs or KOMs, but it tracks my progress and it means I’m riding one of my bikes. What’s the first thing you check on your phone in the morning? After turning off the alarm, E*TRADE. Take me through your typical workday. I start answering emails, etc. over coffee at home, and then make the…

Marketing Day: May 21, 2013 - Marketing Land

…couple of cool tools in my kitchen: The Aero Press and the Vitamix. I love them both. The Aero Press is a convenient way to make a great cup of morning coffee. It helps me accomplish a habitual practice I engage in each day. But, the Vitamix (a high speed blender) has […] Google Sunsets Google…

Survey Of 500+ Publishers Reveals How They Want To Be Pitched - Marketing Land

…and dozens more. Understanding The Robot Invasion Over the past three years, on the cusp of the content marketing explosion, a storm has been brewing in the inbox of every unresponsive writer. While the average worker receives close to 12,000 emails a year, dozens of top-tier editors reported…