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Advertorial Native Ads To Receive Closer FTC Scrutiny - Marketing Land

…trend: Native Ads. Native Ads don’t automatically violate US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules against “deceptive advertising” provided they’re identified as sponsored content. However the question is whether publisher websites are sufficiently calling out Native Ads as…

6 steps to creating high-converting native ads - Marketing Land

…interest with native ads is far more complex than simply slapping up an ad that will integrate with a medium. Make sure your native ads are working for you. With the threat of ad blocking, creating native ads the right way is growing in importance. According to industry research, if ad blocking…

Facebook Strengthens Native Ad Tools For Audience Network Placements - Marketing Land

ad options offered was a native ads API for both iOS and Android devices. Today native ads are getting a big boost with the release of new templates, a native ad manager and the addition of horizontal scrolling. Publishers looking for an easier route to app monetization will enjoy new native ad

Why you should be using programmatic native ads - Marketing Land

ads. Conversion rate was 450 percent higher for native than for display prospecting. Here’s the kicker: Cost per attributed site visit was 36X more expensive with display ads as compared to the native placements. Native ads excel at driving traffic The goal of a well-implemented native ad is to lead…

Chartbeat: Native Ads Aren't Engaging Readers - Marketing Land

native ads are far less engaging than publishers and advertisers may believe: On a typical article two-thirds of people exhibit more than 15 seconds of engagement, on native ad content that plummets to around one-third. You see the same story when looking at page-scrolling behavior. On the native ad

Beyond Search: Bing Native Ads Launch In Beta Across MSN.com - Marketing Land

…Bing Ads is expanding reach with the beta launch of Bing Native Ads. Announced Monday, the test aims to connect search intent signals with native ad experiences on MSN.com. Search query data, contextual signals and actions taken on advertisers’ sites can be used to help target ads on the…

Study: Native ads beat display for driving visits to physical stores - Marketing Land

…extra sales from people propelled by native ads equaled 20 times the native ad spend. Sharethrough CEO and founder Dan Greenberg told me this was based on average total sales volume increases at times when there was additional store traffic from native ads, an inference that was not tracked by…