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Going on the offensive: The use of attack sites in reputation management - Marketing Land

…reputations.PETA Kills Animals. In 2005, apparently on behalf of fast food and meat industries, the public affairs firm Berman and Company (via the nonprofit “Center for Consumer Freedom”), launched the PETAKillsAnimals.com counterattack website to allege that the People for the Ethical Treatment of…

Facebook Launches Website For Nonprofits - Marketing Land

…walks nonprofits through the basics of growing the community, utilizing the news feed to grab attention and to raise awareness with advertising. Facebook also has a section on its nonprofit site featuring success stories of how the site has been used in the past to help other nonprofits. For…

4 digital marketing tactics for local reach - Marketing Land

…ZipSprout app. Donate a percentage of local purchases to local nonprofits Campaigns with local nonprofits, while great for company morale, can be among the hardest to measure when it comes to ROI. This is especially true with nonprofits that work with underserved communities. But while the…