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Why It's Critical To Connect Your Offline & Online Marketing - Marketing Land

…one another. Marketers can capitalize on that feeling of a seamless brand presence to drive a stronger interaction between online and offline channels. What’s needed is a marketing system that integrates offline display promotions and print advertising with digital marketing such as paid ads,…

Using Google to drive offline sales - Marketing Land

…real-world business outcomes? From awareness to consideration to conversion, and finally advocacy — this white paper from MomentFeed shows how large brands can take advantage of their many locations on Google to drive more offline sales. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy.

Placed launches TV screen-to-store offline attribution - Marketing Land

…impact on offline visitation or sales. However, Placed CEO Shim explains this is the first time a syndicated tool measuring TV’s impact on store visitation has been widely available off the shelf. He added that the scale of the Vizio data is also larger than other offerings in the market. One…

Foursquare Introduces "Attribution" To Measure Offline Results - Marketing Land

…become an ad platform for brands, relying on its first-party data for targeting. Now, the company is introducing a formal product to measure the offline impact of online or traditional media advertising. Foursquare is calling its new product “Attribution.” The beginnings of that offering…

What Amazon understands about offline retail - Marketing Land

…this year — and some not just for selling books. For years, industry watchers have tracked and proclaimed Amazon’s increasing digital toll on offline retail, so the online giant’s move into a real-world location took many by surprise. The decision to open a brick-and-mortar bookstore reflects…

The Hottest New Channel Working For Online Marketers – Offline! - Marketing Land

…– offline marketing. For years, the very online marketers that have derisively pronounced offline marketing dead (myself included) are now finding profit and volume by fusing online and offline marketing strategies. TV: Not Dead Yet! Let’s start with the 800-pound gorilla of offline marketing: TV.…