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How To Use Quantitative And Qualitative Data For Search - Marketing Land

…we should rely on qualitative research as well. Qualitative Research Methods Qualitative research methods are used for answering questions about why or how to fix a problem. Usability testing, field research, and diary studies are types of qualitative research. Field research or fieldwork is the…

3 Steps To Better Understand Your Customers' Content Needs In 2015 - Marketing Land

…than their social media posts. They are people with aspirations, fears, challenges and opportunities. We need a combination of qualitative research, quantitative research and group brainstorms to empathize with our customers at a deep level. Here’s a toast to our customers, their needs and…

The 2015 B2B CMO Challenge: Measuring Content Performance - Marketing Land

…demand using data and an understanding of your audience. This requires both formal and informal qualitative research (defining who the customer is and what they need) as well as quantitative research (identifying analytics tools that offer data you can rely on about what your target audience is…

3 Ways To Avoid Information Overload - Marketing Land

…when they shop and eventually purchase. I call this the customer journey. If you’re lucky enough to have a research team, odds are that they have done some qualitative research on what the customer journey looks like for your brand. At Right Intel, our customer journey is: Inspiration…

Questions are the center of great websites - Marketing Land

qualitative in nature, rich in subjectivity. Isn’t that exciting? I wonder if the copy or the offer could be improved. At some point, we will end our exploration and begin the next phase of questioning. I think… “I think” questions are exploitative. These questions usually come after researching

3 strategies to survive the "Adblockalypse" - Marketing Land

…relevant ads, they don’t want to feel like advertisers are constantly watching them Big Brother-style — like one participant from the qualitative research who was targeted based on something he mentioned in a work email. Another problem with targeting is when the ad does not reach the intended…