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Facebook passes key hurdle in MRC viewability reporting audit - Marketing Land

…report on viewability and other metrics.There was a fair amount of glad-handing in the wake of the news.MRC’s Executive Director and CEO George W. Ivie said, “The conclusion of this stage of our work represents a substantial milestone in MRC’s accreditation consideration of the Facebook viewability

A different view on viewability - Marketing Land

…accept lower viewability rates Torrance believes that a better strategy for marketers may be to include in their media plans some impressions that are sometimes in view from other inventory sources, meaning those with less lofty viewability rates. If those ads turn out to be viewable, the marketer…

Native isn’t display. Stop treating it like it is. - Marketing Land

With consumers installing ad blockers and now browser companies following suit, not to mention ad fraud, domain spoofing, lack of viewability and disastrously poor brand-safety measures as a further body of evidence, let’s be honest with ourselves. Mistakes were made in the first decade of the…

Mobile Email Marketing: Tips for the Holiday Season

…this detail. Including this strategic line of code (see below) will ensure that your HTML and text scale for iPhones’ and iPads’ viewable screen sizes. html {webkit-text-size-adjustment:none;} 2. Optimize Your Pre-header Message Most mobile inboxes pull in the first 70-72 characters…

5 ways digital marketers can make healthier impressions - Marketing Land

…robots. Viewability, or the lack of it, is another huge issue. Many ads are served so far down on the page that there’s little chance the consumer will ever see them. So you don’t really serve that consumer an ad — you serve a server. Combine outright fraud with dubious viewability and, as…