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Why brick-and-mortar retailers need to go digital with analytics - Marketing Land

…on a deeper level. WiFi delivers what consumers are shopping for Thanks to WiFi and consumers engaging on mobile devices while shopping, retailers can capture important information and engage shoppers based on prior purchases, frequency, timing and so on. The combination of WiFi and mobile clears a…

StepsAway launches in-store, WiFi-based marketing for retailers - Marketing Land

…While most retailers have WiFi for internal uses, a substantial number do not offer guest WiFi. Haims explained, however, that there’s only modest cost involved in turning on public access if WiFi is already deployed. Asking for email addresses to access WiFi will potentially cause some…

‘Beacons are dead,’ says CEO of a retail analytics firm - Marketing Land

…and fleet maintenance is sometimes problematic, because the devices use short-range Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Some vendors integrate WiFi with their beacons or have other workaround solutions, but those alternatives aren’t standard. Then there’s the issue that, for standard beacons,…