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YouTube's New Beta GIF Creator Is A Blessing For Brands - Marketing Land

…by marketers. None are easier than a new beta built right into YouTube. TechCrunch spotted a beta iteration of the tool live on all PBS Idea Channel videos that allows users to quickly turn a video segment into a GIF within the YouTube interface. To unlock this feature, users need to click on the…

Report: Google to step up reviews of YouTube premium videos - Marketing Land

…on videos published on YouTube channels included in the Google Preferred bundling of content for major brand advertisers. That’s according to Bloomberg Technology, citing anonymous sources familiar with the plans. The latest triggers to alarm marketers about YouTube have been the controversial…

What it takes to become a YouTube star: time - Marketing Land

Becoming a YouTube star isn’t as easy as firing up a webcam and acting endearingly awkward. Actually, it’s not easy at all. According to a survey of 1,861 YouTube creators conducted by Grapevine, a company that pairs creators with brands for ad campaigns, only two percent have more than 100,000…

YouTube Gives Your Video Descriptions More Display Space - Marketing Land

YouTube has made a subtle but welcome change to its video pages, expanding the default display of the description to five lines from two. Here’s how that looks: Previously, savvy YouTube producers jammed as much information as possible into the first two lines of description to ensure viewers…

That YouTube "Experiment" Red Banner Was Just A Display Bug - Marketing Land

…on YouTube were seeing a red banner at the top of the search results that said they were part of an “experiment.” What the experiment was and what YouTube was testing were unclear. Truth is it seems like there was no experiment, that the banner was a display bug with YouTube’s

AdSense Changes How It Calculates And Reports YouTube Earnings - Marketing Land

…on earnings from YouTube slightly differently. Starting April 1, 2013, AdSense will no longer calculate and report AdSense for Content Host earnings for YouTube partners. Instead, AdSense earnings from YouTube videos will only be calculated by YouTube and displayed in YouTube Analytics. Prior to…